Enzymes to Keep You Moving

Enzymes are fascinating. They are biological catalysts that play a critical role in the body. In fact, 15,000 enzymes steer 30 quadrillion chemical reactions every single second and are involved in all of our metabolic processes… breathing, growing, digestion, energy production, nerve impulses, immune system balance, healthy inflammation… all of which support the healing process.

What it is:

Wobenzym contains a highly concentrated enzyme compound of natural origin that helps to keep the immune system and thus inflammation balanced. 

Substances known as cytokines are directly involved in inflammation process. Some cytokines promote inflammation, while others inhibit it. 

Wobenzym helps flush out excess cytokines, so immune balance is restored, inflammation heals more quickly, and symptoms such as swelling and pain subside 

Conditions for effective absorption:

  • Take between mealtimes (45 min before or 1.5 hours after)
  • Gastric acid resistant coating
  • Dissolving in small intestine